A little extra rest

The Twins chose not to hit on the field prior to Tuesday?s game, basically because they decided to sleep in.

Well, that reason wasn?t given specifically by Minnesota manager Ron Gardenhire, but during his pregame press conference Tuesday, Gardenhire explained how his hitters opted for working in the cage after the whirlwind few days of activity and the noon start. Gardenhire said his team would hit on the field prior to Wednesday?s noon start.

As for the early start time, a number of players on both teams sardonically joked about feeling like an opening act to the the Yankees? main show Tuesday night. But after playing at 11:10 p.m. CT this past Saturday to accommodate the Michigan-Minnesota football game that night at the Metrodome, noon is a bonus for the Twins. And unlike Saturday, Minnesota doesn?t have to worry about not being able to start an inning after a certain time.

?We gained an hour,? Gardenhire said. ?We don?t have any curfew, so that?s good.?

?Day games, night games. It doesn?t matter,? Minnesota first baseman Justin Morneau added. ?It?s always the same time in the ‘Dome. You never see the sun in here anyway, so it doesn?t really matter.?

Personally, I?ve gained new respect for reporters who cover the Cubs, with all of those day games. It?s tough to get up at 7 a.m. and try to get a workout in before heading off to the ballpark. Of course, my brother who is a teacher reminds me that people who live in the real world follow that routine every day.
Scott Merkin

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