What was that again?

An award for patience with the media goes to Minnesota?s Michael Cuddyer following his team?s 3-2 loss to Oakland on Tuesday.

I walked into the Minnesota clubhouse at 2:45 CT, and Cuddyer started talking to a group of reporters shortly thereafter. When I left the clubhouse at approximately 3:15, Cuddyer still was doing interviews. At last count, Cuddyer answered the question about almost throwing out Frank Thomas at first base on a seventh-inning single to right approximately 10 times, and I lost count of the questions regarding Barry Zito?s effectiveness.

And we are talking thoughtful, insightful responses. It?s easy to understand why both the Twins and Oakland are successful, simply by viewing the camaraderie in their respective clubhouses the past few days. Good guys on good teams.

— Scott Merkin

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